Discover new crypto on Binance

All newly listed crypto assets and trading pairs for spot and futures. Analyze and make informed decisions by setting up notifications for new listings.

Discover new crypto on Binance

Price chart and orderbook

Instantly analyze the chart and see how exactly does the new asset perform.

Price chart and orderbook
Telegram alerts on all new listings

Telegram alerts on all new listings

Link your Telegram account to receive a message for every new asset listed on Binance.

Full crypto market-data

Choose a plan that works for you. Get access to full market-data, price alerts, charts, and all premium features.

  • Track correlations between currencies

    Use charts and order books on a single screen to catch price movements

  • Use densities in the order book

    Monitor the densities and the balance between buyers and sellers

  • More tools on a single screen

    Works in your browser. Quick and reliable.



  • Over 1500 trading pairs
  • Real-time order book
  • Chart & level drawings
  • Unlimited price alerts
  • New asset listing alerts


A crypto listing refers to the process of adding a new cryptocurrency to an exchange, allowing users to trade the new cryptocurrency on that exchange. Being listed on a major exchange i.e. Binance, can significantly increase a cryptocurrency's visibility liquidity, and potential price.

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