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Track correlations between currencies

Many crypto assets follow the movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Use charts and order books of multiple currencies on a single screen to catch their movements in time.

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Use densities in the order book

The exchange order book is an essential tool for traders. Monitor the densities and the balance between buyers and sellers to understand whether the price will continue its movement or encounter orders from major participants.

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Place orders with a mouse or a keyboard

Don't waste precious time when entering trades. Place orders with a single key press or a click on the order book to avoid missing fast market movements.

Here’s how to day trade crypto

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Updated order book

Represented in the form of a uniform price scale to see the accumulation of orders at the price or the imbalance of supply and demand. So you can enter the deal more accurately.

Volume clusters

Unique representation of trading volumes based on price levels. Visualizes accumulated trades volumes at different price levels, allowing analysis of liquidity, discovery of hidden levels, and making informed trading decisions.

Real-time trades tape

A powerful tool that helps you stay informed about the latest market changes. Gain a deeper understanding of market activity.

Candlestick chart

The classic and familiar candlestick chart from TradingView.

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Better way to start trading crypto

Experience seamless crypto trading directly in your browser—fast and reliable.

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Crypto screener

Find assets that have high volatility, traded with significant volume, or show large order book densities.


Modern and user-friendly interface

Let nothing distract you from trading. Our interface is sleek, intuitive, and minimalist.

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Price notifications

Receive notifications when the price of the selected asset reaches a certain level.

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Widget auto-adjustment

Specify the trade size, and the app will adjust its interface to the optimal configuration.

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Connect to Binance

Trade with terminal on the Binance exchange. Simple connection, spot and futures markets, transaction history.

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