Crypto screeners for scalping

Learn how crypto screeners for scalping are designed to assist traders in executing short-term, intra-day, and scalping strategies.

How crypto screeners for scalping are different

In this article, we'll dive into the basics of crypto screeners and how they can be handy tools. We'll also take a closer look at scalping screeners and what makes them unique in the world of trading.

What is a crypto screener

A crypto-screener is an app, usually a web based one designed to help investors and traders in making informed decisions about crypto trading.

Screeners aggregate a variety of quotes, indicators, and other market data for a wide range of trading instruments, including cryptocurrency pairs.

The aim is to present all relevant data in one place, providing a bird's-eye view of the entire market and all available trading pairs. Screeners simplify the process of comparing different assets, allowing traders to sort or filter assets based on specific criteria. This also helps traders select assets for trading more efficiently.

Let’s first discuss a general-purpose crypto screener before delving into the details of scalping crypto screeners.

General purpose crypto screeners

Crypto screeners typically present a variety of parameters and indicators, such as:

  • Quotes: Last price, price change, daily trading volume, etc.
  • Fundamentals: Market capitalization, trading instrument type, exchange information, information about the project or the company running a cryptocurrency.
  • Technical Indicators: RSI, MACD, ATR, and others

Often there are a couple of other features that come with a screener, including:

  • A currency converter allows you to view prices in your preferred currency (e.g. US Dollar) rather than the currency of a trading pair.
  • A tool to quickly compare different assets and their parameters

Regardless of whether you are using a mid-term trading strategy or planning to enter long-term positions, general-purpose crypto screeners will provide you with all the necessary information and indicators.

General-purpose crypto screeners are typically free and generally accessible. They empower cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors around the world to explore a wide range of digital assets and analyze trends without incurring any fees.

Crypto screeners for scalping

On the other hand, scalping screeners are specifically designed to assist traders in executing short-term, intra-day, and scalping strategies. They focus on providing technical parameters and tracking price dynamics at a more fine-grained level.

Densities in the order book

When implementing scalping strategies, traders typically seek trading signals derived from information within the order book. A proficient screener not only displays quotes and price data but also grants the ability to delve into the order book, unveiling insights into the intricate market micro structure and any imbalances that may arise therein.

Price dynamics

The scalping screener also provides up-to-the-minute data on market dynamics, including increasing trading volume, swift price fluctuations, and volatility indicators. These serve as prime examples of such key indicators.

Charting and notifications

The candlestick chart, coupled with the capability to set alerts when a specific price level is reached for a given instrument, proves immensely valuable for traders, ensuring timely notifications of critical price movements.

Scalping screeners typically handle a large volume of market data and do so at an accelerated pace, setting them apart from their conventional counterparts. Their elevated performance and precision requirements necessitate a sophisticated technological infrastructure to ensure optimal and swift operation. Due to this specialization, they are relatively rare and may come with a slightly higher price tag.

Crypto screener on

As a solution tailored for intra-day traders and scalpers, our foremost commitment is to furnish you with the complete array of necessary instruments.

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Our advanced cryptocurrency screener not only delivers real-time price data but also furnishes valuable insights into market volatility and the order book. You can also swiftly access charts and DOM widgets to assess market conditions and make informed decisions instantly.


With a keen focus on real-time data, market volatility, order book insights, and instant access to essential widgets, scalping screeners provide a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance your trading experience. Armed with this knowledge, you can now confidently choose a tool that not only meets but exceeds your requirements, positioning you for success in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.