How to get notified of new Binance listings

Learn how to explore all new Binance crypto assets and trading pairs for real-time insights.

Discover all newly listed crypto assets and trading pairs for spot and futures on Binance

We are excited to introduce our new tool–Listings Monitor, to make your crypto trading experience easier. This is a handy helper to stay up-to-date on the latest assets and trading pairs added to Binance.

Our listings monitor tracks every coin on Binance and notifies you when there's a new asset or trading pair listed. In addition, you can access a full-featured price chart and a real-time order book to help you quickly check how the new listing is doing and decide if you want to trade that coin right from the start.

Newly listed coins and trading pairs

Starting with the basics there are two types of views available:

  1. Only new assets: This view exclusively showcases the latest coins that have been recently listed on Binance.
  2. All new pairs: This includes all trading pairs, with the newest additions conveniently located at the top. It helps you stay informed about the most recently opened markets for all coins listed on Binance.

The table shows the price of each asset, converted to USD for convenience, along with the price change in the last 24 hours.

All new Binance listings

Price chart and real-time order book

Select a trading pair by clicking on it to open a price chart. There, you can mark your support and resistance levels or set a price notification. This notification will send you a message when a price reaches the level you've chosen. Learn more about our price notifications in the dedicated guide:

How to use crypto price alerts in screener?
Learn how to set up crypto price alerts on the crypto screener and how to get notifications in the Telegram.

On the left, there is a real-time order book view for you to go deeper into the market dynamics, spot significant orders, and monitor current trading activity for a given asset.

order book for newly listed assets

New listing notifications

To top it off, we've added notifications for all newly listed assets. The notifications are sent to Telegram, which you can quickly connect to by clicking the button. Once everything is set up, you will get a message every time there's a new asset or trading pair listed on Binance.

Set up alerts for new Binance listings

Notifications are available with the premium subscription plan, bundled with the complete features of our crypto screener. Please refer to our pricing page for information about plans and payment options.

Be the first to discover and explore new trading opportunities! Try the listings monitor now!